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Once upon a time...

Restaurant Wasserburger, 1910
Bus connection between two restaurants

Around 1900 Anton and Maria Wasserburger, who had run a tavern in Neustift am Walde since 1878, bought the plots of land no. 97 and no. 99 (which they turned into a garden with a veranda for their guests and a cellar) and no. 88, where the kitchen was. The "Wasserburger" became very popular because of the ice-cold beer from the cellar they would offer their guests throughout the whole summer.

On the 1st of Mai 1928 Anton and Johanna Schild purchased the land. Last but not least thanks to the culinary skills of Mrs Schild the restaurant became known for its excellent Viennese cuisine.

In 1947 the veranda was expanded and a large event hall was also built above it. This is where exhibitions, balls as well as the dance to the traditional Neustift fair would take place.

In 1952 daughter Hertha Schild and her husband Leopold Spitzka took over the operation and hence built out the business to pension Schild.

In 1960 followed the large extension to the "Hotel Schild", in which such stars as
Maria Callas, Giuseppe Di Stefano, Willy Forst, Dietmar Schönherr, Uschi Glas, Vico Torriani and later among the others Johanna Matz, Karl Merkatz and Reinhard Bilgeri
loved staying.

(Images and texts were kindly provided by the Association for the care of monuments and the local culture in Neustift am Walde and Salmannsdorf "DENK * MAL")

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